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Kamis, 15 Desember 2011

Free Game Virtual City And Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort

Bagi fans berat game facebook Cityville bakal  suka game virtual city ini :)  
Selalu kunjungi !!! Enjoy It!!
  • Free Download game Virtual City.
Build the city of your dreams- a residential paradise or an industrial center in Virtual City, a fun and exciting Simulation game! Construct gorgeous houses and industrial buildings as you produce goods and deliver them to the shopping malls. Make the city a cleaner place by recycling garbage, adding hospitals and fire stations, and upgrading building. Deal with economic downturn and natural disasters in Virtual City!
Unique gameplay 
Challenging levels 
Construct a Virtual City!

download disini

  • Free Download ame Virtual City 2 Paradise Resort
Expand your building empire from the sunny coasts of Florida to the snowy lands of Alaska in Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort! Take on unique missions and complete special goals to earn more money and upgrade your cities. Construct a casino, spruce up a ski resort, indulge in an Ice Hotel, and much more in this incredible Strategy game! 
Incredible gameplay 
Fantastic fun 
Expand your building empire!
download disini 

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Anonim mengatakan...

Sumpah , Berguna Kali Mass ..

Makasii mass..

papaliaqila mengatakan...

mr anonim: thanks dah berkunjung :)

Ammar mengatakan...

Thanks :)

Anonim mengatakan...

file nya kok di delete gan

Grasiant Kazuya mengatakan...

gan,,, death link gan,,,,

Anonim mengatakan...

kang ini udah full version belum?

papa li aqila mengatakan...

nnti ane upload lagi gan, msh sibuk ni :)

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