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Senin, 12 Desember 2011

Free Game Virtual Villagers 1 - 5 Series

Hi para sahabat, terima kasih telah mengunjungi blog ini. Hari ini saya akan posting hal yang istimewa bagi saya karena hari ini anak saya Aqila Fakhira Kamidia Sofyan ulang tahun ke 2 :) happy birthday atiya...
hahaha posting kali ini spesial buat pecinta mini game dan pengunjung, di game ini anda akan bermain sebagai sekelompok orang yang terdampar di sebuah pulau dan mencoba bertahan hidup. dan posting  semua seri game virtual villagers :)
Enjoy It!!!

Free Download Game   Virtual Villagers: A New Home Full Version

These poor villagers washed up on shore after surviving a horrific volcanic eruption. You have to guide them in learning how to survive in this real-time simulation game. They learn by doing, but you might have to keep an eye on them to make sure they don't give up too easily. They need to become farmers, builders, scientists, parents and more in order to thrive on this new island. How will you lead your tribe?
  • Real-time, simulation gameplay.
  • Hundreds of unique villagers.
  • Uncover mysteries as you play.
download disini
Free Download Game Virtual Villagers 2 : The Lost Children Full Version

Continue the epic story of the castaways of Isola in Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children. Guide your tribe as they rescue a group of lost children and help them survive new adventures. Your villagers need to become farmers, builders, scientists, healers and parents, and will make decisions about unpredictable "Island Events" that happen from time to time. Lead your villagers as they solve all new puzzles and hidden mysteries of the west shores of the island. Will your tribe survive?
  • New parts of Isola to explore.
  • Lots of unique items to find.
  • New surprises every time you play.
download disini

Free Download Game Virtual Villagers 3 : The Secret City Full Version

On the heels of Virtual Villagers 2, comes the sequel. Grow your little people in real-time as you embark on a journey to re-populate the city ruins of Isola. Along the northern island shores, find new sources of food to nourish your villagers and make a variety of unique potions from hidden herbs. Discover real-time weather with clouds, fog, and sudden rain storms in Virtual Villagers 3, The Secret City.
  • Real-time weather & game-play
  • Rebuild city ruins
  • Unravel the mystery of Isola!
download disini
Password : froggy44

Free Download game Virtual Villagers 4 : The Tree of Life Full Version

Continue the story of the mysterious island of Isola and the tribe of lost refugees in Virtual Villagers 4 - The Tree of Life. The island's chief is worried that life is slowly diminishing on the island and has selected a tribe of explorers to find the source of Isola's troubles. They discover, and inevitably populate, the hidden eastern shore of the island. Watch over a new group of villagers as they explore the eastern shore of the island, uncover fantastic mysteries, unravel the story of Isola, and save the Tree of Life!

  • Visit the oldest and most hidden part of the mysterious Island of Isola.
  • A new villager selection screen lets you start with a custom tribe. For an extra challenge, try starting with only children or select a tribe full of nursing mothers!
  • New, updated user interface, plus our most detailed, vivid map yet, full of exciting new puzzles.
  • Dozens of achievements for players to accomplish.
  • New puzzles, new collectibles, new Island Events!
  • Real-time weather! Clouds, fog, and sudden downpours
  • Real-time gameplay: new surprises every time you turn the game on!
download disini

Free Download game Virtual Villagers 5 : New Believers Full Version

Virtual Villagers 5 New Believers sees you return to the Island Of Isola, but this time your villagers have been trapped by a tribe of unbelieving heathens!
To survive this time you'll need to balance building and finding food with spreading faith, but Virtual Virtual Villagers 5 is still the same casual game. you start with a group of villagers, and must keep them motivated, train them and much more. It can seem strange at first, but the in game tutorial is very good and if you follow the instructions you'll soon get the hang of it.
Villagers can be picked up and dropped on a part of the environment you want them to interact with. This could mean building a shack, dismantling a heathen totem or even trying to convert a local! The pacing of Virtual Villagers 5 makes it ideal for casual gameplay, but there is much less personalization involved than in The Sims, for example.
The gameplay is also pretty linear - there are lots of things you have to do if you want to progress, so there's not much freedom. Nevertheless, Virtual Villagers 5 is a gently compelling game if you give it a chance.
The biggest criticism of the game has to be the graphics. While the cartoon style is OK, there has been no improvement over the last game and the interface is starting to look tired. The Villagers could be better animated too, as Virtual Villagers 5 looks incredibly basic for 2011.

download disini
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